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fruit Vegetable Processing line Haith

fruit Vegetable Processing line Haith 2020 line for packing root vegetables (carrot, parsley, beetroot, potato) wet or dry production. PACKAGING MACHINES FOR FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Fruit and vegetable cutting Geloog vegetable slicers and dicers fruit and vegetable prep Chanda machines Hento Vegetable packaging machinery Fruit peelers Kronen PGW Grid cutter; Salad spinner; Grid cutter; Salad basket spinner Nilma vegetable washer and dryer pasen Vegetable And Fruit Processing Xinyu Machinery, Kronen, Furu Tail, Eillert MSD-500-V Nilma Turboidrex vegetable washer and dryer; Potato rumbler; vegetable cutting machine Apple peeler; Belt slicer; Vegetable prep machine; JFPT fruit Food Preparation Vegetable washing Vegetable dryer Dry fruits processing Frozen vegetables processing machinery; Sunflower; Eternalwin, Ocean

Location: Germany
Producer: OTHER
Type: Food
Year: 2020
Price: On request

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