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Aluminium extrusion painting line

Vertical Powder Coating Line Requested area: 72m x 17.5m Max Height ( in specific areas): 12m Reference Conveyor Speed: 1.5m/min Average Number of Color Changes / 8 hours : 6 colors Average Productivity in Pcs / hour : 350pcs Max productivity ( pcs/hour) : 540 pcs Average metric weight ( gr/m) : 670gr Average Productivity ( Kg/h) : 1250 Kg ( with average Availability of the machine 67%) Horizontal Painting Line Requested Area: 40m x 11.5m Height of Conveyor: 3.6m Height of Oven : max 5.1m Height of Final Filters : 4.8m Height of Crane for the Chemical Treatment : 6.8m Oven Type: Box Max Number of flight bars per Polymerization batch : 6 Average Polymerization Cycle Time : 20 min ( it depends on the type of used powder and the metrical weight of the painted profiles) Average Productivity (Kgs/hour) : 720 - 800Kgs ( it depends also on the length and metrical weight of the painted profiles) Max Profile Length(m) : 7.5 m

Year: 2010
Price: On request

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