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Pivatic perforating and bendingline Line is manufactured 1999 and it has worked very well for us 20 years. Line is bending line with perforation unit and single press unit 35 tn. In line is separate punching unit so you can perforate material and cut it to separate ballet. Also you can use separate press toll in line. This press unit we have not used, because we other presses. FORSTNER coil cradle Weingarten Decoiler Dimeco Coil feeding line decoiler - straightener feeder Automatic Flexible punching and rollforming line for C and sigma profiles with centralized adjustment”, from Dimeco (Spain), installed/commissioned in 2019 Dimeco Coil feeding line PIVATIC coil punching line FIMI Slit Coil Decoiler and reel winder tunçman Extrusion - Single screw extruder LEMO INTERMAT Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine Uhlmann  Blister machine Accela-Cota  170 l Tablet coating machine Used PALSS FL 70 FBLR Labeller PIPE COIL TECHNIOLOGY SPC 180SH Extrusion line Avery Dennison Labeller IMA MS 500 EAC Bundler Famar Mod. AP - Blistering machine Volpack S-90 Flowpack Used Pup End Coil CTL Machine Stamping, punching, shearing, rollforming and bending solutions are available to guarantee from coil Schleicher HE 225 - 1500 Straightening machine BFB 3768 Overwrapper Schuler RMP-21-60/160-450 Straightening machine Sitma C 750 -I Sealer Atkin Uncoiler Bronx Uncoiler Amada Tp 150ex Cut to length line Balconi 2DM 315 Bronx MM 1500 X 3 Dimeco Coil feeding line 20000 LB PERFECTO FEEDLINE Coil Reels and Straighteners Wire Spring Coilers Uncoilers Coil Lifters Coil Cars Coil Feed Lines Coil Straighteners Upenders / Down-Enders Cut To Length Lines Coil Feeders Coil Cradles andamp; Straighteners

Year: 2019
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