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LG1000 F1 series TABLE Working area mm 1150x510 Table with T-slots mm 18x3x160 Table capacity kg 700 SHIFTS AXIS X mm 1000 Y AXIS mm 510 AXIS Z mm 630 Spindle axis distance to table surface mm 100 ~ 730 Distance of the table axis tip from the column mm 562.5 POSITIONING ACCURACY Positioning accuracy (JIS B6338) mm ± 0.008 Repeatability (JIS B6338) mm ± 0.002 FEEDS Working feed m / min 12 Rapid traverse X / Y / Z m / min 30/30/24 (optional 40/40/32) SPINDLE # 40BT Spindle Nose Spindle speed (belt gear) rpm 8000 (opt. 10000/12000) Spindle speed (DDS) rpm 10000 (opt. 12000/15000) Spindle drive (30 min) 11 kW, belt drive AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER Tool magazine capacity A: 24 (opt S: 20) Max. tool weight kg 7 Max. tool dimensions (diameter x length) mm ø75 x 300L (option S: ø90 x 250L) Type of handle BT-40 (BBT / CAT / DIN) Tappet pin type PT40-1 / CAT / DIN69872 OTHER Electric demand 220V kVA 20 Compressed air requirement kg / cm2 6.5 Overall dimensions (length x width x height) mm 3500x2470 Total weight kg A: 4530 (opt S: 4410) Standard equipment of the center: 1 Fully closed covers 2 Cooling around the spindle 3 Central automatic lubrication system 4 Spindle air curtain 5 Fluorescent lamps x 2 6 Spindle blow-off 7 Manual coolant gun 8 Electronic handwheel 9 Ball screws in 3 axes with preload 10 306 liter coolant tank with coolant pump 11 HARTROL Screw chip conveyor Chip flushing system Cooling through the spindle 20 bar Spindle blow-off M53 ROLLER XYZ axis guides XYZ axis bolts with preload Full covers with top cover Coolant and air guns Renishaw TS-27R probe database + alarm reports + intelligent sorting tools Fanuc 0iMF + Dual Screen

Location: Germany
Producer: OTHER
Type: Metal
Year: 2020
Price: Low price

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