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Tetra Pak VTIS Aseptic UHT Copy

2010 tetra pak Tetra Pak VTIS Aseptic UHT and another line: TT MIDI 250ml, 330 ml, 500 ml TT BASE 500ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml. Running hours-31151. We operated by BASE from 2013.03…2018.11 Running hours-27145. We operated by MIDI from 2015.08…2018.11 Tetra pak Vtis Hoyer UHT tetra pack Alfast Frigus tetra pack Hoyer Frigus SF 1200 Frigus 600 S700 Alfast 210 Tetra pak S1500 Tetra pak S300 Ace dairy processing; Furui dairy, Hento, Leno, Tomassoni Dairy , Caprigiani, Lifen Gelgoog, Dairy Pasteuriser System Milk Intake System

Year: 2010
Price: Low price

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