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HT 1200 C treatment

Max load: 15000 kg Max temperature: 1150 ° C Usable space: height 2020mm x 2030mm width x length 3280 mm Electrically powered lift gate with Portal Electrically powered stove car with pusher chain Total weight: 17150 kg Space height x 3435 mm width x length 5280 mm 9700 mm Stove car weight: 4600 kg Rail construction can be installed on ground or in the soil Temperature measurements: 5 Thermocouple type S (PtRh-PT) Thyristor control of the heating circuits Voltage: 400V (50 Hz) Performance:: 330 KW

Lokalizacja: Germany
Producent: OTHER
Typ: Metal
Rok: 2011
Cena: On request

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