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Complete copper plate line

Water used in the process is deionized, conductivity andlt; 20 µS/cm produced internally by an Ion Exchange Battery EUROWATER type DME42. Resins used: PUROLITE PPA100 and PUROLITE PPC150. Volume of deionized water produced between 2 resins` regeneration is ~ 3 m3. The process line is equipped with 2 rectifiers KRAFT POWERCON Sweden (these 2 are not subject of sale). Vats are connected to 2 separated vapors extracting systems: - Cyanuric solution tanks – extracting system with scrubber - ventilator 6000 m3 /h flow - Acid / alkaline solution tanks – extracting system with a ventilator 2000 m3 /h flow Germany - possible to see in the production

Año: 2000
Precio: On request

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